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We understand your commercial project completed properly is an investment in your company but it also an investment in our community. Our strong desire to help people translates to everything from client communications to budgeting and on-site organization. We utilize our knowledge and experience to ensure quality work on a timely schedule. Kennedy Construction Co LLC takes the time to do it right the first time ensuring we're able to complete commercial projects with impossible time constraints when the need arises.

Let Kennedy Construction Co LLC help your company to grow and achieve it's full potential.

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Tenant Fit-out

Kennedy Construction can get rental proproperties ready for rental to new tennants!

Whether creating new office space, developing a retail marketplace, remodeling a restaurant, or fabricating any other tenant build out project, Kennedy Construction Co. LLC is a leader in commercial renovation.

Medical Facilities

Kennedy Construction can build medical facilities!

Kennedy Construction Co. LLC has the technical knowledge and abilities to deal with the strict building regulations required for medical facilities.


Kennedy Construction can remodel your house!

We work with our clients to understand their expansion goals and deliver a quality project on-time and on-budget. We also understand the importance of being able to complete renovations and additions while maintaining the facility’s operations.

New Construction

Kennedy Construction Co. LLC, offers a broad range of services to the commercial construction community.

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